Prohibited Goods

The importation of certain goods is prohibited except for research purposes and under special conditions, such as:
  1. Pests
  2. Soil
  3. Species of Hevea
  4. Plants form American Tropics and Central Africa
  5. All plants under the Third Schedule of the Plant Quarantine Regulations 1981
Goods Requiring Import Permit only

Minerals and mineral products are goods requiring import permit only. The following are listed as these goods:
  1. Sand
  2. Quartz
  3. Bentonite
  4. Stone
  5. Clay
  6. Kieserite
  7. Dolomite
  8. Magnesium Oxide or Sulphate
  9. Gypsum or Calcium Sulphate
Goods Requiring Import Permit and Phytosanitary Certificate

The importation of the following goods requires an import permit and phytosanitary certificate:
  1. Plants including seeds and planting materials
  2. Beneficial organisms for agriculture
  3. Herbarium, cut flowers, dried flowers
  4. Organic fertiliser, growing media, rooting media and certain category of soil
Goods Requiring Import Permit, Phytosanitary Certificate and Treatment

Fresh plant products for consumption and medicinal purposes and processed plant products from Khapra beetle countries as in the Ninth Schedule of the Plant Quarantine Regulations 1981 need to be treated and accompanied with a Phytosanitary Certificate. The products and countries as listed:

  1. Legumes - grain and flour
  2. Cashew nuts
  3. Groundnuts - nuts and meal
  4. Corn - grain, flour and dried cobs
  5. Rice - milled and bran
  6. Cereals - grain and bran
  7. Wheat - grain and bran
  8. Spices
  9. Tapioca - pellets and flour
  10. Millet - grain
  11. Gunny sacks
  1. Bangladesh
  2. India
  3. Pakistan
  4. Sudan
  5. Turkey
  6. The Philippines
  7. Myanmar
  8. Morocco
  9. Sri Lanka
Phytosanitary Certificates are issued by an exporting country based on the requirement of the importing country.

Procedure for application of Import Permit Plant Biosecurity and Quarantine Division,
Department of Agriculture Sarawak,

Jalan Kumpang,
Off Jalan Ong Tiang Swee,
93200 Kuching
Tel: 082-255845 / 082-414712 / 082-413/63
  • Application must be accompanied by the following:
    • Payment of RM15.00 for each permit applied
    • An indication of location of nursery to enable Plant Quarantine Inspectors to carry out post-entry quarantine inspection
All Import Permits are valid for 3 months and is only eligible for 1 import consignment.

Goods Does Not Require Import Permit and Phytosanitary Certificate

The importation of the following goods does not require an import permit and a phytosanitary certificate:
  1. Fresh plant product for consumption (exclude durian, banana, citrus, coconut, chilli); and medicinal purposes
  2. Processed plant product
These goods need to be declared to Plant Quarantine Officers for inspection purposes to ensure that they are free from pests and diseases.