The Malaysian Fumigation Accreditation Scheme (MAFAS) and the Malaysia Heat Treatment Accreditation Scheme (MAHTAS) are two national schemes established by the Department of Agriculture Malaysia, to regulate and accredit fumigation and heat treatment service providers in the country. The schemes were developed to ensure that fumigation and heat treatment processes in Malaysia, particularly Sarawak, meet international standards for phytosanitary measures and are in compliance with national and international regulations. 

MAFAS and MAHTAS establish the requirements for fumigation and heat treatment companies to obtain accreditation, which includes personnel training and certification, equipment calibration, and quality control measures. Accredited providers can offer services for a range of commodities, such as food products, agricultural produce, timber, wood packaging materials, wooden handicrafts, and furniture. Service Provider in 2023

Both schemes aim to prevent the spread of pests and diseases through the import and export of goods and to ensure that all fumigation and heat treatment processes are carried out in a safe and effective manner. This help to protect public health, the environment, and our agricultural industry. By ensuring that all fumigation and heat treatment processes meet the required standards, MAFAS and MAHTAS helps to ensure that Sarawak's trading partners have confidence in the quality of the goods being exported from Sarawak. 

Check MAHTAS or MAFAS Regulatory Requirement for relevant legislation if you are interested to obtain the accreditation. Application form is also attached here MAHTAS Application Form, MAFAS Application Form

The Plant Biosecurity and Quarantine Division of Department of Agriculture Sarawak will regulate the Accreditation Scheme and require that treatment providers undertake training and competency assessment prior to be accredited under the scheme. Accreditation will be granted for two (2) years and renewal must be done within three (3) months prior to the end of the approved term. 

If any changes involve the fumigation company or accredited fumigators, the Department of Agriculture must be notified in writing. Failure to guarantee quarantine integrity may result in the Department of Agriculture cancelling the accreditation.