French Bean


French Bean

1. Local Name: Kacang Buncis (Phaseolus vulgaris )


2. Introduction:


French bean is a leguminuous vegetable and contains high protein. It was believed that this vegetable was originated from South and Central America.

French bean is a coil round in habit, has long lateral and tap-roots, needs stake to creep.

3. Varieties:


There are 2 types of french bean, bushy and climbing type . The climbing type is commonly planted in this country. Two (2) varieties that have been chosen by MARDI are as follows:



a. MBK 1 - With black seed, brownish stem and purple flower. This type is recommended by MARDI and commonly planted.

b. MBK 2 - With reddish seed, greenish stem and white flower. This type is commonly planted in Melaka and northern part of Semenanjung Malaysia.


4. Soils:



French bean can be planted on wide range of soils, from clay to sandy and crumbly soil. Fertile, loamy and well drained soils with pH 5.5 - 6.8 is most suitable.

3. Planting:

  A. Land preparation

Plough and loosen the soils to 15 - 22 cm deep for good growth of root. Prepare the bed with 1.2 m (4 ft) in width, 0.3 m in height and the length will depend on the area condition. The spacing from 1 bed to another is 0.6 m.

  B. Planting

Plant 4 seeds in 1 planting hole, in 2 rows with spacing between rows is 0.6 m and 0.5 m between 1 planting hole to another.

When the seedlings growing, leave only 2 plants in 1 planting hole. It is about 9.5 kg seeds needed for 0.4 ha.

  C. Stake preparation

French bean needs stake in order to obtain high yield. Support the 3 week old seedlings using stake with 1.8 m - 2.4 m in length. Place the stake slanting and opposite to each other and tie the top part. Place the sticks on top of the slanting stake horizontally in order to join them together. Ensure that the seedlings will coil round the stake.

Other method used to support the french bean is trellis system. Join 2 sticks nearby to the wire to form trellis. Use the medium size wire and tie it as shown in the diagram below. Use the nylon string to help the seedlings to climb the trellis.


Diagram showing
the look of
trellis system
french bean


4. Maintenance:

  A. Watering

Water the plants morning and afternoon everyday except when it is raining.

  B. Manuring
For basal manuring, use chicken dung at the rate of 7 ton for 0.4 ha. Apply the manure in 1 small shallow drain on the bed (middle) or spread it evenly on the bed and mix with the soils.

On the other hand, chemical manuring, NPK 15:15:15 can also be used at the rate of 400 kg/0.4 ha. This fertilizer will be divided into 3 times of application, 2nd week, 4th and 6 weeks after planting.
  C. Weeding
Control of weeds will be done at all time to avoid the plants to compete with the weeds.

5. Yield:

Harvesting can be done after 7 weeks after planting. Pluck the beans before mature. Pluck once within 2 - 3 days in the period of 3 weeks. Estimated average yield is 4,235 kg for 0.4 ha.

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Source: Panduan Menanam Kacang Buncis, BP 27/02.06/15R - Jabatan Pertanian Semenanjung Malaysia.