Wet Padi (Commercial)


Wet Padi (Commercial)

1. Recommended Varieties

Variety name Potential Yield t/ha
MR 219 10.5
MR 84 8.5
Saratani 7.0

2. Land preparation

One of the important factors that influence the grain yield of rice is land preparation. It provides good physical, chemical and biological conditions of the soil that will permit optimum crop growth. Two rounds of rotovation is necessary. Levelling is done after that. Broadcast pregerminated seeds by hand or by motor blower.

3. Direct seeding

Seeds are sown directly in an upland or lowland field.

4. Seed Rate

Seed rate 60-100 kg / ha:
Mix liquid oxygen at the rate 1:1000 of water. Soak seeds in liquid oxygen to improve germination for 24 hours before sowing. 1 lit per hectare. (Cost RM 20/ha)

5. Fertilizer application

The recommended rate is NPK at ratio of [80-90]:[40]:[30] kg/ha based on subsidy

Straight fertilizer conversion:

Urea (46%N):CIRP (36% P2O5) : MOP(60% K2O) at ratio of [4 bags (50 kg.)]:[2 bags (50 kg.)] : [1 bag (50 kg.)]

Split fertilizer applications as follow:

1st application ( 1/3 ) : 20 - 25 days after seeding
2nd application ( 1/3 ) : 45 - 55 days after seeding
3rd application ( 1/3 ) : 65 - 75 days after seeding
Cost : RM.400.00

6. Water management

Irrigated by pumping or gravity feed. Fields must be bunded to retain water. A water level of 5-10 cm must be maintained throughout crop growth. Drain the field 14 days before harvesting.

7. Weed management

Spray with Pretilachlor/propanil 3 days after sowing. Rate 180 ml product/18 lit water. Rate is 2.5 lit/ha. At 10-15 days apply Quinchlorac at 13g/18 lit water. Rate of appliaction is ( 0.25 kg ai /ha) or 330 g/ha of product.
Cost RM. 150.00

8. Harvesting

A rice crop is ready for harvest when 85% of the grains are straw coloured. Harvesting should be done by combined harvesters.

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Source: Agriculture Research Centre Semongok