Chief Information Officer (CIO)


Name  : Stonton Morse anak Jerry Rumpang

Post  : Senior Research Officer

Tel. No. :  082-441000

Fax No.  :  082-445080

Email Address  :

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is responsible for the development of his or her agency's State ICT Strategic Plan (ITSP). Appointed by the respective agency, the CIO represents a valuable component in the efforts by the government to institute strategic ICT planning in the State Public Service.

Roles of CIO
  • Develop the agency's annual Information and Communication Technology Strategic Plan (ITSP)
  • Consolidate and integrate the cross-functional processes between agencies
  • Develop, operate and manage a secure and stable ICT system and infrastructure
  • Establish and set ICT directions for the agency
  • Preserve the data integrity amongst the applications owned by the agency
  • Assist the state government in establishing ICT policies
  • Promote effective ICT usage, which is in line with the agency's strategic objectives
  • Lead and engage the agency in goverment initiatives to develop and implement ICT projects in the State Public Service ICT


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