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The Official Website of
Department Of Agriculture Sarawak



1. How to apply for agricultural schemes?
    Please contact our nearest Divisional or District Agriculture Office.

2. How to get in touch with Agriculture offices?
    Please contact our nearest Divisional or District Agriculture Office (refer to Staff Directory)
3. How to contact Agriculture Research Centre Semongok?
    Please click HERE

    Please click  HERE.

5. What is VCS?
    VCS - Vegetables Certification Scheme

6. What is SALM?
SALM - Farm Accreditation Scheme of Malaysia
7. What is SOM?
SOM - Malaysian Organic Scheme
8. What is the function of the Department of Agriculture, Sarawak?
Function of Department of Agriculture Sarawak
9. What are the services provided by the Department of Agriculture?
Services provided by Department of Agriculture Sarawak
10. How to get more information about a type of crop such as fruits?
Please contact the relevant Research Officers at Agriculture Research Centre  Semongok.
11. What are the plants and other agricultural materials that are controlled from being imported?
  1. All species of plants and parts thereof for the purpose of breeding, ornamental, processing, or consumption.
  2. Soil.
  3. Planting media and rooting compost.
  4. Useful organisms for agriculture
  5. Agricultural pests
12. Which categories of agricultural materials requires both Phytosanitary Certificate and Import Permit prior to importation?
  1. Plants
  2. Parts of plants for breeding purposes
  3. Soils
  4. Planting media and rooting compost
  5. Useful organisms for agriculture
13. What is the procedure for obtaining an Import Permit?
Procedure for getting an Import Permit

14. How many times can an Import Permit be used?
Only once, within a three (3) months period.

15. Can plants from Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah freely enter sarawak?

NO. The entry of plants or other agricultural materials from Peninsular Malaysia and          Sabah is the same as the control of the country of origin of the other plants.

16. How many intake is for the Malaysian Agriculture Certification Programme per year?

    Once a year.  Advertisement will be done in the middle of January every year.

17.  How long will be the programme?
      2 years.

18.  Do the accomodation provided for the student?

      Accomodation, food and monthly allowance amounting RM150.00 will be provided.

19.  Do the student being infiltrated to work under Department of Agriculture Sarawak upon completing the programme?

No.  They have to register themselves with e-recruitment like other posts and need to attend an interview or undergo the selection process as usual. However, for the technical post at the operation level, candidates who own the certificate  of the institute will be given priority.