Hot Topics : Export License For Plants

What is the procedure for obtaining an Export License?

1.  The exporter or agent is required to fill in the Customs No. 2 form entitled “Declaration of Goods to be exported”. The export license is endorsed on the form upon submission to any of the issuing office of the Department of Agriculture in Sarawak.

2.  For planting materials of pepper cuttings, cocoa, rotan and certain fruit trees species, a letter of approval issued by the Ministry of Agriculture Food Industry (MAFI) must be produced when submitting Custom No. 2 form to the issuing office.

3.  Besides the export license, a Phytosanitary Certificate should be obtained if it is required by the importing country. A CITES Permit and wild life license may be required if the country of destination of the plants is signatory to the Convention of International Trade ( Flora and Fauna) of Endangered Species. Wild life license may be required if plants are listed under Wild Life Protection Ordinance, 1998. These certificates are to be obtained first from the Department of Forestry (National Park and Wildlife Section).