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Agriculture Research Centre, Semongok


Agriculture Research Centre, Semongok (ARC), established in 1967, is the administrative headquarters of the Research Division, Department of Agriculture, Sarawak. The Research Division, one of the largest Divisions in the Department, engages in crop research relevant to the farming sector of Sarawak. It was first established as a Branch in 1955, driven by the need to solve the problem of serious outbreaks of Phytophthora foot rot in pepper holdings and also by the Government’s emphasis then on food production, especially rice and diversification of cash crops besides rubber and pepper.

Today, the Research Division of the Department continues to assume the important role of an agriculture R&D institution in Sarawak. It provides the necessary technological support for the development of the agriculture industry in the State.


In order to carry out its roles and functions, the Research Division is organised into four branches namely, (i) Administration, Finance & Station Dev’t, (ii) Technology Generation, Transfer & Commercialisation, (iii) Agro-Biotechnology & Crop Health, and (iv) Research Support Services. Within these branches are Sections including the various crop sections, Entomology, Plant Pathology, Chemistry, Biometry & ICT, Administration and Farm Management. The Research Division is headed by the Senior Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research).


The Research Division has 7 research stations, namely (i) Kabuloh Station, Miri for Northern Region R&D and technology transfer, (ii) Paya Paloh Padi Station in Samarahan Division, (iii) Rampangi Integrated Agriculture Station, Kuching for crops on acid sulphate soils, (iv) Stumbin Padi Station in Sri Aman Division, (v) Sessang Station in Betong Division for crops on peat, (vi) Paya Selanyau Padi Station, Miri, and (vii) Long Semadoh Research Station in Limbang Division for highland crops.


Figure 1. Locations of Agriculture Research Stations in Sarawak