ABS-Livestock Dev Policy

(Development Policy)




  • Efforts will be undertaken to ensure adequate supply of poultry and eggs for the domestic market and to capitalise on export markets.

  • The production of fresh beef, mutton and milk will be enhanced for the domestic market.

  • Private sector led commercial production will be actively encouraged to adopt modern approaches and farming on large-scale basis.

  • Smallholder livestock activities with potential will continue to be transferred into larger commercial operations to improve efficiency.

  • Effort will be undertaken to strengthen the linkages of these operations with suppliers, processors and marketers to further enhance the vertical and horizontal integration of the industry.

  • Livestock integration with the plantation crops will continue to be promoted.

  • Efforts will be undertaken to develop and exploit Malaysia's potential as an international halal food hub.

  • Capability for inspection, monitoring, standardisation and certification for Malaysian Halal Standard for livestock products and industrial livestock-based inputs will be strengthened and this standard will be internationally promoted.

  • The international marketing of branded halal livestock products and industrial livestock-based inputs will be undertaken.


3rd National Agricultural Policy (1998-2010), Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry