(i) Veterinary Public Health Laboratory Services

Under this program, we provide Veterinary Public Health Laboratory facility to do testing of meat, samples from imported meat as well as local products. Disease diagnosis is carried out for all specimen and samples sent to the laboratory. The State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory also conduct disease monitoring throughout the State.

(ii) Meat Inspection Services

Meat inspectoin is being carried out in pig abattoir and poultry slaughtering plant. Presently meat inspection is being conducted daily by the Veterinary meat inspectors in Kuching and Sibu Pig Abattoir and a poultry slaughtering plant in Kuching.

(iii) Licensing

State Veterinary Authority license livestock farm, abattoir, meat procesing plant and feed mills. The livestock industries in Sarawak is regulated by the Laws of Sarawak Chapter 32 - Veterinary Public Health Ordinance, 1999 and its farming rules.

(iv) Accreditation

The Veterinary Health Mark Program is implemented to ensure food safety and quality is under the joint supervision by Department of Veterinary Service of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and State Veterinary Authority Office. The relevant website is Abattoir and Processing Plant accredited with this Veterinary Health Mark will be able to export its products to other countries. Accredited plants are allowed to use the Veterinary Inspected LOGO for their products.

(v) Registration of Biologics

Company who intends to import any vaccine into the State must have these vaccines registered with us. The registration fee for each vaccine is RM25.00 per year. Only vaccines approved by the State Veterinary Authority shall be allowed to be used in Sarawak.