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Department of Agriculture Sarawak, 7 & 12-17th Floor, Menara Pelita,
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For more enquiries, please contact us:

Address :

Department of Agriculture Sarawak, 7th, 12-14, 16-17th Floor, Menara Pelita, Jln. Tun Abdul Rahman Yakub, Petra Jaya, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak

Tel. No.:  082-441000  
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Bario Rice Certification SchemeBario Rice Certification Scheme

Consumers of Bario Rice will be glad to know that a scheme to assure them of its true quality has been initiated by the Department of Agriculture, Sarawak. The quality of the rice up to now has been high generally but hasn't been the most consistent with its name.

So therefore the Bario Rice Certification Scheme (BRCS) seeks to certify that it production from seed certification to end-product retail and distribution - follows good agriculture practices (GAP). The scheme further seeks to assure consumers of a consistently genuine pure Bario Rice quality standard as and when available on the market, local or global. Towards this objective, BRCS has identified three component; seed certification, farm registration and product certification.

The idea of this Bario Rice Certification was first mooted by the then Minister of Agriculture and Food Industries, Dato Sri Adenan Satem during his winding-up speech on one of the department's organized function. He later instructed our department to develop and implement this scheme which would assure consumers that the products they bought were of the desired quality.

In 2002, Bario Rice was accorded an International Presidia Award by Slow Food Foundation of Italy through the effort of the Department of Agriculture, Sarawak and BERNAS. This was the first time Bario Rice was promoted overseas. This makes Bario Rice a global trendsetter of the Malaysian Rice Industry.

With BRCS in place, Bario Rice is set to do well as commercial product for a niche market.

Under the scheme, planters will be given quality "seedling' and adopt good agricultural practices (GAP). "This is to ensure that the rice is pure Bario Rice and its quality is guaranteed," said Tan Sri Dr George Chan when lauching the BRCS at Dewan Suaray Miri last year (Sept 2005).




BRCS Component 1

  • Variety and seed certification
  • Genetic profiling of Bario Rice and Registration with the plant and variety
  • Protection Board
  • Selection of qualified seed producers and
  • Certification of seed farm and its produced seed

BRCS Component 2

  • Registration of Bario Rice Farms
  • Use of certified seeds for planting
  • Selection of qualified rice farmers
  • Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) adoption
  • Annual inspection by DOA Sarawak

BRCS Component 3

  • Production Certification
  • Production compliance with a standard set for Bario Rice quality
  • Ensure no adulteration
  • DOA registered rice farm serves as the product source


BRCS Vision


  • To offer the availability of pure high quality Bario Rice for local and global markets


BRCS Mission


  • To produce pure high quality Bario Rice through transfer of seed technology and through adoption of GAP.
  • To implement a certification scheme which makes it easy to monitor and influence products quality and reliability


BRCS Objective


  • To help producer, millers, retailers and distributors realize the importance of maintaining a consistently high standard of Bario Rice purity and quality commercial product
  • To recognize producers who adhere to an imposed set of standard towards producing pure high quality Bario Rice
    • To raise consumer confidence in Bario Rice standard by ensuring its quality consistency and safety from adulteration or mixing with inferior quality rice
    • To increase productivity and income of the rice growers without necessarily damaging the environment and biodiversity
    • To protect and sustain Bario Rice cultivication as to prevent its extinction
    • To recognize and promote Bario Rice as a top-grade rice product
    • To upgrade Bario Rice production protocol or practices so as to qualify it as an organic product
Contact Person


  1. SRO Teo Gien Kheng - (Technical) - Tel: 082-611171, email:
  2. AO Ronald Ripid - (Administrative) - Tel: 082-441000, 082495252, email:
  3. Assistant Director,Miri Division , Encik Robert Ringgot - (Scheme Application) - Tel:085-432933, email:


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