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Last Update: 30 Mar 2017
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The Third National Agricultural Policy (NAP3) and the Eight Malaysia Plan (8MP) have identified the primary development thrusts for Agriculture in Malaysia and they are all relevant for Sarikei Division. The three primary development thrusts for Agriculture in include :

i.   Food Security and Production;
ii.  Income Generation and Competitiveness; and
iii. Sustainability and Conservation.

The primary objectives and focus areas for these three thrusts are as follows :

i.  Food Security and Production

The objective is to promote self-sufficiency and reduce import substitution. Three focus areas identified are food crops (rice, fruits and vegetables); livestocks (pigs; poultry and eggs); inland fisheries and aquaculture. All these three focus areas have very high import components at the moment.

ii. Income Generation and Competitiveness

The objective to increase income opportunities as well as to enhance productivity and quality. The primary focus is to improve on current productive capabilities and yields through the usage of new varieties, management and marketing strategies. The three areas that could be exploited for income generation in Sarikei Division are industrial crops (pepper, oil palm and sago), livestocks, and inland fisheries and aquaculture.

iii. Sustainable Agriculture and Conservation

The objective is to preserve for future generations the resources that we are currently exploiting. To do this the Department needs to have proper coordination with the related agencies while carrying out the planning, implementation and monitoring of all the projects which are to be implemented under the three development thrusts mentioned above.


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